Design Services

Rapid development. Optimized solutions. Quality engineering. Cerulean Design Services was created to help customers get a sustainable competitive advantage in the rapid transition to LED technology.

Our Design Service guides the effective integration of light sources with your design, putting it through rigorous testing, simulations and component engineering. Each service adds significant value to the stages of product development. Your specialized engagement with our team can aid in rapid time to market, a reduced sales cycle and increased market success.

Application Engineering Services

The Cerulean LED product platform is easily integrated into lamps and luminaires, so architects and designers can build nimble, customized applications. We engage on a one-to-one basis with our customers to assist in the design and development of their manufactured system.

Cerulean LED application engineers bring years of experience to your design process, often foreseeing problems before they occur. Our Application Engineering services are an invaluable resource in reducing design and development costs, increasing productivity and optimizing luminaire designs.

Reference Design Services


Our team helps lighting designers move from the drawing board to a finished installation. Developed for targeted and complex market applications, the Reference Design services drastically reduce luminaire design time and investment.

A Reference Design guides the development of a luminaire with specific objectives and market focus. The design investigates and solves thermal, optical, electrical and regulatory challenges experienced in each market application. Our team leverages essential tools such as thermal and optical simulation, prototype testing and market feedback to ensure design accuracy and optimization.

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